Celebrating 2 years of living on the Rich Coast

Celebrating 2 years this weekend of living in Costa Rica.  And I can still clearly remember the months leading up to the move.  But it was only a few months ago, when I ran out of space on my hard drive and had to start finding documents, videos and photos to delete that I came across this piece of writing.  From the date on the document, I wrote it just after I had bought my one-way plane ticket.

There’s still a lot of people who (in hushed tones) think I’m crazy for living here.  But here’s my reasons why.  For my email subscribers, it’s best if you visit the blog to really appreciate the image!

And much thanks to my dear friend Mau who gifted me with the design.  She loves that I love and respect her country so much and when I shared this with her, her immediate reaction was to create something beautiful from the words.  I plan to laminate it (because paper won’t last in Costa Rica’s green season) and hang it up on my frig.



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