Only at Christmas in Costa Rica

Dried Blueberries at Costco

For months now, I’ve been going into my “little Costco” store in the hopes of finding California dates.  Albeit expensive, I use dates as a substitute for sugar in my smoothies and other raw creations.  But I haven’t seen them in months and so finally I asked the owner one day if he knew when we might get more.

He told me…unfortunately, they are seasonal.  I wasn’t sure what he meant as I’m pretty sure Dole distributes the dates year round!  But then he explained further…They’re seasonal meaning Costa Rica only orders them at Christmastime as it’s a special delicacy – just like apples and grapes are generally only eaten during the holiday season.

So I will once again have to practice patience since we’ve got another six months before the holiday season and at that time, I’ll be stocking up on as many bags as I can get (and hoping they freeze well).

On a separate note…I recently saw a small bag of dried blueberries from Kirkland for about $18.  I asked my parents to let me know the cost of the same bag at their Costco and they came back to me with $7.79. Ugh, why is all the good food so flipping expensive!Dried Blueberries in Costa Rica

Pura vida…Chrissy