Flying iPhones, a kitty panic attack and lots of luggage

Traveling is never really easy.  Traveling when you’re picking up your life and moving to a foreign country is even harder, especially with the amount of luggage I was taking with me, much of which seemed to be electronics (even though I have no idea where my laptop charger is at the moment).  Then add in a cat and you have a whole other situation.

With my anxiety level somewhat high as I left my house, caravaning with two vehicles, 10 large bags (my friend’s and mine), a box of paintings, a cat, 5 people and an ice cream sundae (my friends’ brought me one thinking it would help my stress level…it did), I placed my house keys and my iphone on top of the car as I got situated and figured out how we should fit the luggage, cat and the three of us into the car.

Well, I’m sure you can figure out how this story progresses…we get in the car, start driving (I’m happily eating the sundae at this point) and as we enter the freeway onramp, we hear a little noise off the passenger side.  We didn’t think anything of it and kept driving.  It was a beautiful, clear day and as we approached the Golden Gate bridge, I thought I’d take a photo and reached for my phone…only to find out the phone was not in the car.

And it was then we figured out that little noise was my house keys and iPhone falling off the car onto Highway 101.  But the good news is I have incredible friends who, after they dropped me off, went back to the “scene of the accident” and searched.  And they found it…and it still works, amazingly.  They’ll Fedex it to me next week and another friend in Costa Rica has already purchased me a sim card and phone plan with a Costa Rican number.  So all is well, somewhat delayed, but still moving forward.

Then, before departing the plane on the first leg into Miami, I dropped my iPod onto my seat and, fortunately, the man sitting behind us flagged me to let me know he had it.  Based on the iPhone incident and then this, my friend traveling with me made the comment that perhaps I’m supposed to let go of my electronics on this move.  Perhaps she is right.

Now to the cat…Keeping a cat in a carrier for 20 hours is not an ideal situation.  He did alright until about 12:30 a.m. when we experienced turbulence and that sent him into what can only be described as a kitty panic attack.  He was literally trying to push his way out of his carrier.  It took me 90 minutes to calm him down (he has quite a set of lungs on him) and I can only imagine what parents go through when they travel with babies and young children.  At the Admiral’s Club in Miami, I tried to use one of the showers to give him time to stretch and eat but he didn’t want to eat, too many noises in such a strange place.

As far as the luggage, I had 5 bags that were over the weight limit but, fortunately again, I was only charged for 3 extra bags and no extra weight fees.  So perhaps I’m supposed to have all these things with me…we’ll just have to see if they all make it to Costa Rica and then make it through customs…for now, I’ll enjoy my free celebratory mimosa at the Admiral’s Club.

More to come as the story progresses…

Pura vida…Chrissy