My new living environment

I’ve stayed in many places in Costa Rica but probably one of my favorite hotels is the one I found in 2008 and have stayed at several times since.  Hotel Capitan Suizo is not just great because of its location (my backyard is the beach), the delicious breakfast buffet, the great staff and service and the beautiful rooms…they also have something that many others do not have, wild animals all around.  When they built the hotel twenty years ago, care was taken to preserve the trees so the wildlife in the area could continue to survive and thrive.

Not a day goes by without me seeing monkeys swinging from tree branches, magpies trying to eat someone’s breakfast, raccoons wandering around looking for food, iguanas sunning themselves, fireflies lighting up the night sky, squirrels eating the unripe almendra nuts.  They also have several cats who live on the property, all of whom have come by my room to befriend Harmony.   Supposedly, there is a porcupine that wanders around at night but I have yet to see him!

Pura vida…Chrissy