A trip to the doctor

Well, it was only a matter of time before I did something stupid and ended up at the doctor.  Now that I’m living here, I’m trying to be so much more mindful of everything I do…whether it’s holding on to my camera (so it doesn’t end up in the river like it did last year and I know how difficult it will be to get a new one) or being careful not to hurt myself (because I no longer have health insurance), I’m really trying to be careful!  But, it was just inevitable that at some point, something would happen.

This afternoon, I put a cotton swab into my ear and when I took it out, the cotton was no longer attached to the stick. *&^% is all I could think about as I put my finger in my ear and poked around, hoping I could find the little piece of cotton and pull it out.  Nope.  I searched on the floor for it but it wasn’t there either.

It seemed like the cotton was expanding because within an hour, I could no longer hear out of my left ear.  So I hopped in a cab and went to the nearby emergency clinic.  No one there really spoke English so I tried out my Spanish in addition to using hand motions to describe what happened and fortunately, they understood.

The really funny part (besides the actual incident that brought me there) was that no one asked me for my name or to fill out any paperwork.  I didn’t have to sign any forms to release them from any liability.  No worries, right?

15 minutes later, the cotton was out of my ear and I went back to reception to pay.

It was high tide at the beach and the road was muddy from the storm so I took a taxi both ways.  No, I was not being lazy.  I could just imagine myself being swept into the ocean or slipping on the muddy road and hurting myself!

Cost for a taxi and emergency medical services: $59

I’ve started a list of things I need people to bring me from the States…I’m adding “Real Q-Tips” to the list.

Pura vida…Chrissy

6 thoughts on “A trip to the doctor

  1. $59 isn’t bad at all! Maybe I should go down to C.R. whenever I need a doctor. Between the flight and doctor’s visit…it shouldn’t cost any more then what I’m paying for a doctor’s visit now without insurance. Plus, the scenery would be a lot prettier!

    Of course then I might actually have to start comprehending that Spanish I’ve been exposed to my entire life…

    (by the way, so you don’t think I’m some crazy person…I stumbled here.)

    • True, it’s pretty cheap for healthcare in the States but being on a much smaller income living here, it’s a lot more than I can afford to pay! But you’re right, the pretty scenery makes it all better!

  2. hi chrissy,
    talked with susan beer yesterday and she mentioned your current adventure in costa rica. i have been there several times and really enjoy the country and the people. look forward to reading about your experiences.

    • Wonderful to hear from you and thanks for following my adventures! I look forward to sharing with you and hearing your comments as well!

      • you are very brave to jump into a new country and lifestyle. did you calculate what your living expenses would be living there? i have often thought of someplace south of the border to retire to. costa rica was at the top of the list.

      • Oh yes, I did much research and have been planning this for many years! But there’s always those little things that you don’t expect – like getting cotton stuck in your ear! In the last few years, I’ve made 10 trips to Costa Rica so I’m quite familiar with much of the country and how it works but I know living here will be different than traveling and I’m looking forward to those experiences and sharing them with you! Today I’m going to the bank to try to open an account…we’ll see how that goes!

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