Never a dull moment

There is always something happening here.  I’m not exaggerating. I could make a full time job out of just photographing the magical wonder that occurs here at the hotel as well as around town.  Last week, I had just returned from pilates and was eating my lunch at the bar when I saw one of the staff members carrying a large animal carrier.  He placed it in front of the pool and when they opened the door, all I could see was the gigantic beak of a pelican.

As it turns out, a local restaurant had seen the bird looking weak and shaky and had called the hotel to come pick it up.  While I can’t go into all the rescues that have taken place at the hotel for various reasons (you can read about some of them in my first book), I was told I could talk about this rescue and the rehabilitation efforts that followed.  I even posted a photo of the bird on the Hotel’s facebook page and asked people to help name him (we assumed it was a boy).  The winning name was Diego.

So Diego was a little shaken up but as soon as he saw the fish that the owner, Ursula, brought out for him, he immediately perked up.  The staff brought out a large bucket of water and we threw the pieces of fish into the bucket and Diego would put his large beak into the water and scoop out the fish, one by one.

Diego wandered around the pool a little and drank some of the water.  And after only a few days of rest and lots of lots of fish, Diego was strong enough to head out to the beach and fly again.  We hope he’ll be able to stay strong, soaring above the ocean and diving in for fish, living out his natural life with other pelicans.

Pura vida…Chrissy