Tamarindo – The “Village”

Where I’m living, Hotel Capitan Suizo, started construction in 1992 and opened in 1995.   I’m told that back then, Tamarindo was a very different place.  Today, they still call it a “village” but a lot has changed in 20 years.  So I thought I’d share with you some photos of the town now and explain that back then, none of what exists today was here.  20 years ago, according to the Hotel’s info book, there was no “television, garbage collection, or banks.  There were only three telephones which by law had to be public telephones”.  I’m also told there was no pharmacy, doctor or other basic services.  Today, there are more shops and services but compared to the States, Tamarindo is definitely still a “village”.  There are really only 3 main streets in the entire town and one stop sign (which of course no one stops at).

But over time, this once sleepy little town has become an epicenter for travelers from around the world.  There are also permanent residents from different places on the globe who live here and have opened up restaurants of their native food or bring their culture to the town in other ways such as musicians and artists from Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Brasil, just to name a few.  It’s one of the reasons I wanted to live here, because not only am I exposed to the Tico lifestyle but I also get to meet people from different cultures and learn who they are.  While I still want to travel the world, now being on such a small income, living here in a multi-cultural community is the workaround I’ve created to experience all that the world has to offer.

There are a few restaurants and hotels that have been around for many years, like Capitan Suizo and Nogui’s, but many have come and gone.  Just in the four years that I’ve been traveling to Tamarindo, I’ve seen many new shops and restaurants open and close.

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