No Guarantee on Mother Nature

I missed the Arribada at Ostional by one day.  See my cute little header above with the sloth?  One of my “to-do’s” is to see an Arribada at Ostional.  On Tuesday, Capitan Suizo‘s tour concierge called to say they had been told an Arribada was happening and did I want to go on the tour.  Yes, of course!

The Arribada’s normally happen in the last quarter of the moon.  So me and several other guests were picked up at 4 p.m. to head down to Ostional, about a 2 hour drive on a bumpy road.  Just for reference, Ostional is only about 10 km from where I was last week at Harmony Hotel.  However to get to Ostional, you generally take the coastal route which is 99% unpaved.  And the last 15km or so is really rough – several dirt hills, lots of ditches and rocks and even a river crossing at one point.  Unfortunately, the tour guide was told there would only be 10 people on the tour so he chose a smaller shuttle.  There were actually 11 people which meant I got to sit in the middle, front seat, next to the stick shift and it made for one really bumpy ride.  Just to make matters worse, our driver would swerve from one side of the road to the other in order to avoid the holes and rocks.

When we arrived at Ostional, we were told by the local guides that the turtles had actually arrived last night and they didn’t really expect more today.  They told us there were hundreds of turtles coming onto shore, digging their 2 foot holes and laying their eggs.  Hundreds.

We saw one.  But here’s the thing – first, and foremost, this is nature.  We can’t control her.  Second, by the time the turtles arrive, it’s often times dark and you cannot use flash so unless you have a really high tech camera, none of your photos will turn out.  But at least everyone who went on the tour got to experience what it’s like to see a turtle nesting – once you see one, it’s pretty much all the same.

So now I’ve seen turtles mate in the Pacific, two turtle nestings and one turtle die due to a fisherman’s hook.  Still waiting for the Arribada and the babies to be born…

On the way home, I remembered I had a Dramamine bottle stashed in my backpack from when I went to Maverick’s in January.  Oh thank goodness.  I usually don’t have an issue with motion sickness but I’ve learned this past year that 30 foot waves or a really bumpy car ride can both make me a little queasy.

To view the video of the turtle nesting, visit my Facebook page.  To read a few more of my thoughts about how to protect these beautiful animals, please read yesterday’s post on  Want to experience an Arribada?  Nature Air Vacations and the Harmony Hotel are offering a great promotion during the next few months in the last quarter of each moon.  Learn more here.  Just remember…there’s no guarantee on Mother Nature. : )

Pura vida…Chrissy