Scorpions, Spiders and Snakes

This week I’m moving into my new house,  I’ll write more about this sweet little place I found in a few days, once I’m settled in, but for now, I thought I’d write about what it’s like to live in a Zona Verde (Green Zone).

As I was unpacking yesterday, I had somewhat of a “little miss muffet” moment.  While I wasn’t eating curds and whey, I was sitting on the floor and next to me appeared a scorpion.  I’ve always wanted to see one but in my imagination, I would be walking through the beautiful shade grown organic coffee plantation at Finca Rosa Blanca and look down to see a little scorpion run past me.  It was not supposed to happen inside my house.

Fortunately, the night before, I had gone to Esquina Pizza and asked for a to-go menu.  While they didn’t have any, the owner gave me an old menu that was laminated.  So I grabbed one of my large coffee mugs and the laminated menu and went to capture the scorpion to release it back into the wild.  It took me 3 attempts because he was so quick, along with moving heavy furniture that he ran behind, but eventually I got him under the mug, slipped the laminated menu under it and took him outside.  And while I know that the venom in Costa Rican scorpions is not poisonous, I also know their sting still hurts and I didn’t want me, or my cat, to experience that pain.

There are also a number of spiders who have taken up residence in my house.  I’m hoping the geckos will handle those as well as the ants.  Last night, I had left a large trash bag on my patio and at about 8:00, I heard the raccoons getting into it.  There wasn’t even food in the bag!  There was also a fuzzy caterpillar making his way down the stairs from my bedroom so I used the laminated card trick on him.  And outside on my patio, I can find centipedes, garrobos, iguanas and birds, lots of birds.  There’s a really pretty woodpecker that likes my yard.

And while I haven’t run into any snakes, I’m sure that when I go out to collect the bananas from the tree in my backyard, I just may come across one or two, hanging out in the underbrush.

But on the bright side, early this morning I was hanging my laundry outside when I heard the sound of leaves rustling above me.  A big troop of howlers were passing through.  I stopped what I was doing, just to enjoy the moment and realize, I was home.

Pura vida…Chrissy