The Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store here often times gives me a headache.  The Automercado because it’s so darn expensive and the 2001 Market because it’s so disorganized and is lacking so many items that I need.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the layout.

Like the flour is next to the Top Ramen and the Chinese food.  And the tortillas are next to the jam, dulce de leche and chocolate sauce.  It boggles my mind as to how they created the store and what they were thinking when they did it or how they restock.  I needed baking soda but all they had was baking powder.  Two different brands of powder and like 15 bottles!  But no soda.  Fortunately, I now have my iPhone and I quickly googled substitutes for baking soda.  My choices were triple the powder or mix the powder and cream of tartar together.  You want to guess which one I ended up with?  Only baking powder because there was no cream of tartar.  Tartar sauce, yes.  Cream of tartar, no.

It seems so odd that they don’t have baking soda but they have tahini.  I needed the tahini to make hummus so I was happy to find it but still odd.  And I have yet to find a yellow “limon”.  Contrary to popular belief here, there is a difference between limes and lemons.  Limon refers to both types.  But they’re totally different.  Like you put a green limon into Corona’s.  You put a yellow limon into hummus.  But I haven’t found any lemons.  Even at the Automercado.

Some things also surprise me.  Like the eggs aren’t refrigerated.  They’re not even near a refrigeration unit.  The other day as I was checking out, I asked the cashier, “isn’t it necessary to keep eggs cold?”  She smiled and laughed a little, “No not necessary”, she replied.  I really think eggs should be refrigerated.

And just a quick update on the scorpion encounter.  I am now totally paranoid and any time I reach for my folded sheets, a towel or any of my clothes (hanging or folded), I frantically shake them out at arm’s length first.  I’ve also been told to always check my shoes.  Although, that’s not so much of a worry.  I only have 3 pairs of shoes that are closed toed and I haven’t worn any of them in the entire time I’ve lived here.  I also haven’t worn socks.  Every time I tell someone that, I smile.

Pura vida…Chrissy