Walking Around Town

You develop new perspectives when you don’t have access to a car and the ability to just drive from Point A to Point B.  I’m realizing there’s actually a lot that I’m missing when I have a car and not walking around town.  I recently purchased a hammock and this past Sunday decided to walk into town to the Hardware store.  There are two, right next to each other, just on the way out of Tamarindo.  It’s a bit of a far distance from my house but it was sunny outside so I figured why not.  Save the money from not using a taxi and enjoy a leisurely walk.

I guess because it was Sunday, both hardware stores were closed.  But on the return, I decided to go to the Automercado (grocery store) to try to find real vanilla extract and as I was walking up to the entrance, I noticed a sign on the road outside that seemed to say they delivered (it’s in Spanish so I deduced what it was saying).  Not to sound totally lazy but when the real “rainy season” hits here, a food delivery option could be a real blessing.  And honestly, they do have a better selection there than at the 2001 market.  Like they had real vanilla.  Which is so odd to me that it was difficult to find since vanilla is actually grown here in Costa Rica.  But I guess the real stuff is all exported elsewhere and the locals are left with the imitation stuff.

While I was there, I also asked the produce guy if they ever get “limon amarillo” (lemons) but he smiled and replied, no, they import them from the States on occasion but it’s not a frequent product in the store.  No one here believes me when I tell them there is a difference between lemons and limes!  I think I’m going to have to add “lemon tree” to my list of “what I need from the States”.

I then passed by the police station and stopped in to ask them for their local number (mind you, their office is the size of a very small walk in closet).  And he proceeded to tell me that they are always open, at any hour, all days of the week.  Well, I hope so!  They’re a police station, after all!  I’m remaining optimistic that they are on call at any time of the day or night and hopefully I’ll never have the misfortune to find out.

I was also surprised at how many surf shops and tourist shops I walked by.  Really, it was just surf shop after surf shop after surf shop.  I don’t understand how these places stay in business.  I found another place to do yoga, just down the road from my house and a few more restaurants that I’d like to check out.

Overall, the walk into town was good.  Although it was 95 degrees and 60% humidity.  And I probably should have been wearing walking shoes, not flip flops.  But that would have meant having to wear socks and like I mentioned in a prior post, I’m really against that concept. :)

Pura vida…Chrissy