Why Costa Rica

Well, I’m at the 2 month mark now.  It’s still surreal.  Here are the top reasons why I moved to Costa Rica.  I could have probably listed 100+ reasons but I figured I had to stop at some point.

1. Warm, tropical weather year-round and no threat of hurricanes

2. Friendly, helpful and beautiful people, inside and out

3. Simpler lifestyle – less cars, less traffic…more walkable, more sense of community

4. Awesome environment and environmental protections – over 25% of the land is protected and much of the unprotected land remains undeveloped.

5. Less pollution

6. Locally grown, fresh food

7. No army since 1948 and no nuclear power.  They actually plan to be carbon neutral by 2021.

8. No allergies to the food or the local environment

9. Democratic country with a female president

10. Cost of living is greatly reduced compared to California

11. No chapped lips

12. No stop lights for approximately 70 kilometers from the town where I’m living (well, there is one in Santa Cruz but it’s pretty rinky dink and it seems like a lot of people don’t even pay attention to what color the light is!)

13. A local airport and an international airport close by

14. San Jose is less than an hour from the local airport

15. No quarantine for bringing pets into the country

16. Fresh mangoes at $0.70 each

17. All the gallo pinto and Lizano that I could possibly want.

18. I feel fully alive, radiant and purposeful here.

19. I get to try surfing and stand up paddling again and hopefully will make one of them a daily practice!

20. I’m already in paradise so every day feels like being on holiday.

21. There’s no such thing as a heater here in Guanacaste.

22. I have more opportunity to explore areas of the country that I haven’t yet visited

23. My wardrobe consists of sundresses and sandals

24. My feet receive a daily exfoliation from walking on the beach.

25. Pura Vida!