My tropical cat

So I’m still trying to figure out if Harmony likes living here on the Rich Coast.  I know he’s not quite pleased with the heat.  And going from the California desert to tropical Costa Rica has to be somewhat of an adjustment.  He’s got an incredible amount of fur that he’s holding onto for some reason.  I would have thought he’d be shedding more but there’s barely any cat hair in the house.

I also wonder what he thinks about the haunting sounds of the howlers every morning and night or the high pitched chirping of the geckos that live in the house.  Surprisingly, he has no interest in the bugs that get into the house.  There have been flying beetles and tiny baby crabs but he walks right past them and shows no interest.  He did see a garrobo outside one day and that interested him but once it disappeared around the corner, Harmony’s interest disappeared as well.

I’ve let him explore a little bit of the outside patio.  He’s always been indoors but lately he’s been so curious to get outside.  I tried to put him in the hammock but that just freaked him out.  He also wouldn’t go up the stairs to my bedroom for the first week when we moved in.  He was terrified of them.  They’re not like normal stairs – they’re more like attic stairs that are very narrow.  Eventually he did it but still takes it really slow.  So do I.  Considering I pretty much broke my tailbone (twice) last year, once by falling down my stairs and then falling two weeks later on tidepools, I am really careful as I go down the stairs.  I’m still in severe pain from the falls so I don’t need to do any further damage!

Another amazing thing is that other than him being extremely thirsty, which I’m hoping is due to the heat and not his kidneys failing again, his health has been really good.  A few months before we left, his vets told me that half of his larynx was paralyzed and it would never get better and actually would get worse if I brought him to a location where the weather was hot.  He would have these awful violent attacks every time he tried to purr.  I thought I was going to have to let him go just before the move but somehow in those last few weeks my little miracle cat, who seems to have more than 9 lives, cured himself and he’s had no problems since we’ve arrived.  He doesn’t eat very much but he’s 17 and it’s hot so I figure he’s just not that hungry.  Other than that, he seems totally healthy and happy.

And he knows that we are home because he’s defending his territory with the other cats.  When we were at the hotel, he was quiet and subdued when the hotel cats would come around the room.  But now at home, he crouches down low and hisses angrily at any cat that tries to be on his turf.

Pura vida…Chrissy