Gigantic Creepy Crawlies

The first 30 minutes in the morning is usually a little bit of a haze for me.  And this morning was no different…But as I turned on the water to wash my hands, something large, black and scary ran out of the sink and up the wall in front of me.  Very quickly, I became fully awake.

My house seems to be infested with spiders.  The small ones I can handle and just leave them alone.  But the ones like today where I’m saying, “Oh _____ (fill in the blank)” multiple times are not okay in my house.  Because I practice the yoga principle of Ahimsa (non-harming), I first tried to assess the situation.  Although it being 5:30 a.m., my brain had to work a lot harder to think about what to do.

The largest mug I have still didn’t have an opening wide enough for this spider’s skinny, creepy legs.  I admit, I did at one point consider whacking it with my shoe.  It was way too big for a piece of tissue paper. And really, even if I did get it outside, there was no way of knowing if it wouldn’t someday work its way back inside my house.  So my shoe was still a viable option.

But I decided to go with the large mug and the laminated pizza menu (I still need to thank Esquina Pizzeria for the menu as it has saved many lives in this home).  I shooed it into a large area of the wall where I could place the mug over it, then slid the menu between the wall and the mug.  It fought me though and made things so much more difficult.  But I quickly ran out of the bathroom, through the kitchen and pushed the screen door open, dropping the menu from the mug onto the ground.  Only problem was…no spider came out.  I looked inside the mug…no spider there either.

“Oh _____ (fill in the blank)”.  Now I’m jumping up and down but not seeing any spider fly off of me and so I run back into the house, flip on all the lights and start searching the walls, curtains, floor, everywhere, to find this darn spider.  10 minutes I’m searching for this thing.  Finally, I look behind the curtains and there it is, hanging out on the glass door.  Great, I can’t whack it with my shoe now because with my luck, it will break the glass.  So I get the mug again and this time, firmly hold the menu against the mug, kick the screen door open and dump out the spider onto the ground.

The spider doesn’t move.  Perfect.  I try to do good karma and I’ve killed it anyways.  A few minutes later, I check back and see that it’s moved a few feet and I decide I’m going to help it move further away from my house so I shoo it into the dirt and I’m praying that it finds a new home, far away from the interior of mine.

I don’t know why spiders like my house so much.  It’s not like there’s food for them here.  If anyone has suggestions on how to create a spider-free home, please leave a comment…

Now, it’s time for a cup of good Costa Rican coffee.

Pura vida…Chrissy