The downside to not having a dryer

Do you remember those commercials from the 80’s that showed a woman hang drying her clothes outside and how, supposedly, they were so fresh smelling and soft?  She would actually bring the sheets up to her nose and smell them and then smile?  Well, that was just bad advertising.  I still can’t figure out when in the wash cycle I’m supposed to put in the softener (yes, I know it’s during the rinse but there seems to be two different rinses and LG refuses to help me since I’m not in the US) and so my towels and sheets, after being hung out to dry, are so rough and stiff.

Even when I do add the softener during what I think is the correct cycle, the laundry still dries rough and stiff.  Until someone can bring me a downy softener ball, I really need to figure out how to get soft sheets and towels again.  Maybe more softener is needed, maybe I should try putting it in the beginning of the cycle with the soap?

I don’t know…What I do know is that I’m frustrated that my once soft items are now so incredibly coarse.  I know hang drying is so much better for the environment and I’m happy that my ecological footprint has been decreased but can’t I still have soft sheets and towels?  Isn’t there a way to have both?

A friend posted the photo above on Facebook a few days ago – I thought it was pretty funny.  I left a comment with my concerns above and she recommended adding baking soda or beating them while drying to break up the fibers. And another one of her friends recommended Ecover fabric Softener and Maggie’s Soap Nuts but she didn’t know that I live in Costa Rica and there’s no way I’ll find either of those products.

Just to make matters worse, the other day I went out to do a wash (my washer is outside) and when I opened the dispenser drawer for the soap, there were about 50 gigantic ants inside and some very strange cream colored oval shaped things.  I don’t know what they were…I don’t want to know what they were.  I just know I was horrified.

But to end this post on a funny note…The other thing is I always have to do my laundry first thing in the morning so it will dry before the rain begins.  The other day I was working in my hammock because my housekeeper, Laura, was cleaning inside and it started to rain.  The drying line was only a few feet behind me but being in the hammock, I have a tendency to get into somewhat of a blissful state, ignoring what is happening around me.  Fortunately, Laura ran outside to remind me “las ropas!”

Pura vida…Chrissy