Ask and you shall receive

As I was sitting in my casita at Jicaro Island Ecolodge last weekend, I had this strange feeling come over me.  I realized that the last time I was at Jicaro, I made the comment (to the universe, no one else was around) that the casitas at Jicaro would be the perfect place to live. That if only it had a small kitchen, I could easily live in this casita full time.

As I sat there, looking around, I realized my little tipico house in Costa Rica has almost all of the same elements that the Jicaro casitas have.  I should clarify that Jicaro is a 5 star Ecolodge and the casitas are stunning, unlike my little casita that has many problems.  Jicaro also doesn’t have any scorpions.  But the basic elements of what I like so much about Jicaro are all there.

Both are two story, wooden houses.  The ceiling in the living room is wood, which makes up the floor of my bedroom.  Most of the casita is windows, just like my house, and both are surrounded by trees.  Also, just like my house, the windows downstairs that look out to the patio don’t have any curtains or window coverings.  There’s a hammock and awning on both patios.  The master bedroom is the only room upstairs in both places and both are very simple.  They even both have wood shelves instead of dressers.  And they each have two large windows – and while Jicaro does have shutters that the housekeepers close at night, I always request that they be left open so the fresh air can circulate through the room while I sleep.  My house has no curtains and I often leave the sliding door open to experience the fresh night air.  The roofs are made of some sort of aluminum and the interior 2nd floor ceilings are made of wood.  At both places, I can hear howlers in the morning and birds chirping throughout the day.

A friend recently reminded me that when I want something to “Ask, ask, ask”.  My little casita is proof that the universe provides when you do just that.

Pura vida…Chrissy