Never a Dull Moment Part 2

Last Sunday I was working at my kitchen table when I heard a garrobo climb up the pool wall from the green zone behind it.  They’re not the most graceful creatures and tend to make quite a lot of noise.  Within seconds, the giant lizard had jumped from the wall (which is about 7 feet tall) into the pool, which was about 5 feet away.  It made a huge splash but as I looked out the glass windows of my kitchen, I couldn’t see it.  I thought it might be swimming around so I grabbed my camera, thinking it would make a cool video.  But it was at the bottom of the pool and not moving.  I don’t know how long it takes for a small creature like that to drown but I took a photo and then assessed the situation.

The pool cleaners don’t come again until Thursday.  Which would mean I’d have a dead garrobo at the bottom of my pool for almost a week.  That didn’t sound pleasant and it would mean I couldn’t go in the pool for that entire week; considering my issue with germs, I’d have to make sure I was here when they cleaned to ask them to put additional chlorine in the pool!

I could call one of my Tico friends and see if he could fish it out of the water for me.  I couldn’t bring myself to touch it – it’s just so scaly…and big…and dead.

Then I remembered there was one of those large nets that they use to clean the pool with near the wall.  So I grabbed it, put it in the pool and tried to scoop up the dead garrobo.  But then the garrobo moved and swam into the middle of the pool (but still at the bottom).  I again tried to scoop it up.  And it moved to the other side.  I’m happy that the garrobo is alive but now its life is in my hands!  If I can’t get it into the net, it will surely drown.  That’s a lot of pressure to be under!

Several minutes go by of me trying to get the animal into the net and it squirming around, avoiding being captured.  At one point I yelled out, “I’m trying to help you, get into the net!”.  To make matters worse, it was like 95 degrees and I was standing in full sun while trying to save this animal.  Eventually I got it into the net, brought it out of the water and laid it on the ground.  But it didn’t leave the net.  Oh *&^%, I tried to rescue it and it died anyways.  So once again, I’m looking at this dead garrobo and wondering what am I going to do with it.

I take the pole, extend the net over the wall and try to dump it out.  After all, that’s what I see the pool cleaners do with all of the leaf debris they collect each week.  But for whatever reason, it was stuck in the net.  So now I’m trying to get the garrobo out of the net.  After several attempts, it falls out of the net to the ground…and Hooray…I hear it scurry off into the underbrush.  It must have just been playing opossum with me.

I don’t know what the garrobo was thinking.  I mean, I literally saw it dive from the wall into the pool.  Perhaps he was trying to emulate Michael Phelps?  Perhaps, it just wanted to cool off from the insanely hot day.  I don’t know…I’m just glad I was able to get it out of the pool before it drowned.  I’m also hoping it learned its lesson and I don’t have to add lifeguard to the list of things I’m responsible for around here!

Pura vida…Chrissy

2 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment Part 2

  1. Wow!!!!
    That is very interesting, never hear something like that…. May be the garrobo fall in the water by accident, and could not get out. So, how it could not warm its body inside the water, the garrobo stayed ¨frozen¨, but what is really rare, is the garrobo survived several days into the water!!!, ha, what a survivor!!!

    • Yeah, I don’t know why he did it but I was so happy that I could get him out of the water safely and rescue him!! So crazy though!

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