More Animal Stories from the Rich Coast

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I’ve had all kinds of crazy animal encounters recently.  Besides the garrobo in the pool (which people here have told me is not normal) and the ants, the other day I also had a dog at my front gate, injured and bleeding which was followed up by a hawk, sitting on top of the pool’s patio cover and acting funny.  It started off by flying to one of the trees which is how I noticed it since it was so large and I normally only have smaller birds here.  But then it flew to the roof of the patio cover and I thought, hmmmm, something doesn’t seem right about this.  Birds belong in trees, not patio cover roofs.

I sent a video of it to my friend, and expert guide, Ersel at Arenas del Mar who told me it was a juvenile black hawk.   Here’s a video he took of one at the Arenas del Mar reserve:  I also pointed it out to my gardener and he said he’s seen a few of those in the trees behind the property so perhaps there is a family living nearby.  He then proceeded to tell me that they eat the little birds in the area.  Really?  My cute little birds?  Why can’t they eat the scorpions and snakes?  And not my cute little birds!

But I do wonder…what does it mean that all these animals are suddenly coming to my house?

It seems to be bird season in my zona verde because in the last few days, I’ve been visited by several birds that I haven’t seen on the property in the last two months of living here:  a very pretty mot mot, along with two sweet cuddling doves, a kiskadee and a black headed trogon.  Living next to a zona verde is so cool, everyday brings something new and different.

Pura vida…Chrissy

4 thoughts on “More Animal Stories from the Rich Coast

  1. Wow!!!!,

    You are having a good birding there!!!!

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