Scorpions and Mosquitoes in Costa Rica

Well, we just learn new things every day, don’t we?  I recently posted the photo of the scorpion on my Facebook page and two people, one from the States and one from Costa Rica, told me to plant lavender around the house because scorpions don’t like it.  So I went to the vivero (plant nursery).

Me: Do you have any lavender?

Rolando: No, maybe next month.

Me: Do you have any other plants that scorpions don’t like?

Rolando, smiling now and kind of laughing: No, nothing stops scorpions, including lavender.

Me – now with a look of total panic

Rolando: Don’t worry, scorpions are totally safe…unless you’re allergic.  Are you allergic to bees?  They like to hang out on curtains, underneath pillows and really like wood – what is your house made of?

Me: I don’t know, I haven’t ever been stung by bees or scorpions!  And my house is mostly wood!

Rolando: Well, don’t worry, you’ll be okay.  It’s the little scorpions that have the most venom as it’s a lot more potent and fresh than the older scorpions which hurt less if they sting you.  But what you really have to worry about here is dengue.

Great.  Dengue.  A new problem to add to my growing list of things that are pretty much out of my control.  So I hired Rolando to come to my house and spray for scorpions and hopefully that might keep the mosquitos, and the resulting Dengue, at bay as well.  And maybe it will also help with the growing population of spiders in my house.  I don’t understand why they can’t be outside – that’s where their food is!  Why do they like my home so much!?

I still look under my pillows every night, shake out my sheets, towels and clothes and am always mindful when I open and close the doors of my house to make sure no scorpions run inside or are hanging on to the curtains.

And an update on the termites…I went away for two days and it appears they found my cork mat for one of my pots and built a tunnel around it.  Unbelieveable.  The pot used to have an almost 30 year old jade plant inside it but one very cold winter in Sonoma, the frost killed it and it never recovered.  Rolando said that he might be able to get jade for me…next month.  But he warned me that the heat here in summer might kill it as well.

Pura vida…Chrissy

2 thoughts on “Scorpions and Mosquitoes in Costa Rica

  1. Another scorpion tip.If you leave shoes or boots outside at night, be sure to shake them out in the morning. Those are favorite scorpion hideouts.

    Bugs, arachnids, and creepy crawlies – some of the benefits of living in such a wildlife-rich tropical wonderland.

    • So true! There was a scorpion on my shower curtain once so now every time I take a shower, I shake the curtain a few times just to make sure nothing pops out at me!!

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