Moving Day x2 + Another Kitty Panic Attack

You know you’re no longer in a “Tipico” home when you have recessed lighting in your ceiling.  That’s contrary to the light bulbs that were dangling from wires, dropped down from the ceilings.  It’s been 3 weeks since the robbery and after many sleepless nights and being stalked by the police officer who took the report, I decided it was time to move.  I so loved my tipico home but it wasn’t secure enough for me and Harmony.

So I packed up everything on Friday, rented a large SUV and hired a few locals to help me.  During the week, I found a little place in Langosta and while it probably wouldn’t have been a longterm location for me, it was good enough for the time being.  But just as we were unloading the last item (a 70 pound trunk filled with books), the property owner called to tell me he had another unit become available about 20 feet up the road.  He met up with me and showed me the place and I knew this would be my new home.  Even though it meant moving everything again.  It was a very long, very tiring day.

The road to get to Langosta has gotten worse in the last few months and when I drove Harmony over at the end of the day, he was screaming mad.  It was a flashback to the flight here but instead of it being 1 a.m. in first class with a cat who was attempting to push his way out of his carrier, this time I was trying to soothe him while maneuvering a vehicle, in the rain, on a dirt road over ditches and rocks.  He really doesn’t like turbulence.  But hopefully it will be the last time he has to experience it for awhile.

This new house has its pros and cons.  I’ve lost all of my outdoor space but gained security and a better sense of well-being.  I’ve lost my pretty zona verde but out in the distance, past the buildings, I can see the low-lying hills.  It also doesn’t have an oven which is a huge bummer.  All the jungle sounds and animal sightings have now been replaced by people, TV’s and dogs.  The pros – it’s relatively new construction, is nicely furnished, has a large, floor to ceiling picturesque window, has cabinets, both in the kitchen and the bathrooms and high ceilings.  There’s a yoga studio directly below me which hopefully will send up some positive karmic energy.  Occasionally, I hear parritos and other small birds as well as frogs and crickets but there were no sounds of howlers this morning.  However, it’s a stone’s throw from Playa Langosta (photo above).  Being new construction, everything is really sealed up which means I probably won’t be seeing any geckos running around my walls but the pro is I probably won’t be seeing any scorpions either.

Langosta may only be less than a mile from Tamarindo but it’s like two totally different worlds.  For those of you who have known me for a long time, Langosta is similar to the area where I grew up and Tamarindo is like the city next to it where I lived for most of college.  As the rental car agent said to me – “Tamarindo is very dangerous, lots of problems there, Langosta is much better”.

Next time I’ll write about the laundry machine – which I’m still trying to figure out how to use.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before!

Pura vida…Chrissy