A Different Rich Coast

This post is about a rich coast, but not Costa Rica.  I’m talking about the archipelago that makes up the small island country of Cuba.  I recently read that OFAC, the federal agency that grants licenses to travel to Cuba from the US, has stopped renewing and granting new licenses for the “people to people” trips to Cuba.  I read a few articles but couldn’t figure out if they’re just backlogged or if they’ve really stopped issuing the licenses.

It’s disappointing to read and it’s one of the reasons I was so adamant about going last year.  In addition to wanting to see Cuba before capitalism takes over (which eventually, someday, will happen), I also knew that the US government would eventually pull the legal licenses making it much more difficult to travel there.  Of course, now, I can just go to San Jose and take a flight on Taca, directly to Havana.  But I’m glad I can say I went there legally and experienced this amazing country.

Before moving to Costa Rica, people would ask me why I traveled here so much.  It was always difficult to explain because it wasn’t just one thing that pulled me here.  Cuba is like that as well.  Cuba is like this magical place that you really can’t put into words – you just have to experience it.  I love looking back at the photos and videos and re-living every moment.  Part of me feels like I got to see what it was like for my parents and grandparents as children.  It truly is like stepping back in time.  It’s not just the old cars that made me feel that way, it’s also a different way of life.  There’s a sense of place and community in Cuba that doesn’t really exist in today’s modern world.  Cuba’s lifestyle is even more simple than Costa Rica’s – I didn’t think that could be possible until I went there and experienced it for myself.

To watch a video of my trip to Cuba, click here.  To read about my experiences, click here.

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Pura vida…Chrissy