Washing Machine Woes

I have the strangest washing machine,  it’s borderline manual.  To get the water into the machine, I have to turn on the valve (I think that’s what it’s called), then I add soap and clothes.  But I have to remember not to walk away at that point because otherwise, it would be like an I Love Lucy episode with soap suds and water spilling into my bathroom. I have to remember to turn off the water – which for me, who normally does 8 things at once, is somewhat of a challenge.  But it’s been two weeks and no suds on the floor…yet.

After you turn off the water,  you turn on the machine and after 15 minutes, an alarm sounds (which doesn’t stop until you turn it off).  From here, you twist one of the levers so that the water exits the machine.  Here’s another area that I often forget…because once the water is out of the machine, you then have to turn the water back on to fill it back up for the softener rinse.  But often times, I forget to twist the little lever and so the water continues to run out of the machine as I’m trying to put it in.  Eventually though, I hear the water draining in the shower and remember to close the valve.  So the water fills up again, I add softener, turn off the water, and select the number of minutes again.

Once the alarm rings, I then drain the water again and put the clothes in small batches into the little bucket next to the washer.  This is the spin cycle.  It’s bizarre but seems to work.  My clothes are clean and the rinse cycle makes them less of a sopping wet mess.  Then I grab my folding clothes line and hang everything to dry near the sunny window – which often times can take up to two days.

It’s not an ideal situation but it is what it is…I do know that if I ever move to a house that has a real washing machine and dryer, I will be so much more grateful.

Pura vida…Chrissy