Life in Langosta

I’m all settled in to my new place in Playa Langosta.  I’ve met lots of people and really am enjoying myself.  The building where I live is so much more secure and the fact that all my neighbors are men probably helps a lot with that.  In college, I never lived in the dorms but I imagine my current living situation is a lot like that, just on a more mature level.  We leave our doors open and chat with each other throughout the day.  If someone’s going to the store, they ask others if they can pick up anything for them.

I love to cook and my neighbors are more than happy to try out my toaster oven creations.  With only 6 units in the building, smells easily waft down the breezeway and everyone knows when I’m cooking up something good. One of my neighbors joked that he’ll be one of my investors if I ever decide to open a bakery.  I still can’t believe I’m living in a house without an oven but I’m experimenting with the toaster oven and it seems to be working although everything takes 10 times longer.  I tried to make cookies last week for the guys and could only make 4 at a time since the oven is so small.  Another new favorite is watermelon gazpacho.  It’s refreshingly good on a hot day (which is almost every day here) and last night we decided to turn it into an alcoholic beverage, which was an interesting spin.

To end the day, we often go to the beach to watch the sunset.  It’s just gorgeous here with the tidepools.  I grew up near tidepools and love seeing all the sealife; it’s even more fun now that I have a waterproof camera.

My only complaint is the grocery store.  While it is next to my building which is so convenient, it has an even worse selection than the one I used to live near.  Honestly, Cuba had a better selection of fruits and vegetables than this store offers.  I am in desperate need of dark leafy greens and am seriously considering growing my own on the tiny little balcony that I have.

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Pura vida…Chrissy

6 thoughts on “Life in Langosta

  1. Hi Chrissy-you should look up Earth Boxes on the net. You can grow things in very small spaces and if you know someone who is handy-they can be built very cheaply. Good luck, Susan Beer

  2. Wow Chrissy, you have been through a lot since you moved.Love reading your blog! That slide show is Amazing!! So happy you feel safe, & is absolutely beautiful! Your neighbors sound delightful!

    • The move to Langosta was definitely a blessing. I’m really happy to be here now and all settled in. And thank you, so nice to hear you’re enjoying the blog. I know you want to be here but hopefully, for now, you can live vicariously through me. : )

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