Electrical Outages

In the almost 5 months that I’ve been here, we haven’t had a power outage.  Sure, we’ve had a few times where the lights have flickered on and off but nothing that lasted more than a few seconds.  So of course the first big one happened earlier this week when I was making dinner for all my neighbors.  It only lasted about 10 minutes but it was at the crucial time of me putting the polenta into the boiling water and trying to wilt the spinach – and no longer do I have a gas range.

So I switched on my phone’s flashlight and my neighbor ran down the stairs to help me light candles and I continued to try to make the meal since the pans were already warm.

The electricity eventually came back on and overall, it was a fun evening.  While I did most of the cooking, my neighbors helped by bringing the drinks, some of the ingredients for the meal and one of the guys even made a really sweet treat for dessert – ice cream cookie sandwiches with dulce de leche.  We enjoyed good conversation and a really great lightning show.  Life is never boring here and you quickly learn how to make changes, adjusting to whatever life throws at you.

Pura vida…Chrissy