More on the grocery store

The above photo is basically my selection for sort of dark, leafy greens at my local market.  This is as close as I can get to a dark, leafy green (no wonder I have shingles!).  Yes, most days I go in there and want to cry.  After the rainy season ends, I hope to plant my own veggies on my little balcony.

Here’s some prices for local and imported food: $8 for French’s Dijon.  $8 for a box of Kashi Cereal.  3 small heads of garlic is $0.37, a small piece of ginger is $0.17, and an onion is $0.20.  Bananas are $.06 each.

An egg ranges from $0.19-$.025 (not sure why the price changes).  Celery is charged by the stalk – yes, the individual stalk.  Each one is $0.25.  The girl thought I was crazy for buying the entire bunch.  And the bunch was pretty sad looking.  It had lost its crispness and it was only one of two so I chose the less soft of the two.

Surprisingly, a Red Delicious Apple only cost about $.90.  Well, it was surprising until I bit into it the next day and it was mealy.  I was also surprised at the $1.20 for an avocado.  They grow here!

I can’t find chocolate chips for my famous cookies at the local market.  And at Automercado, they cost about $6 for a 12 ounce bag (that felt like it had melted by the time I got them home).  My hopes and dreams of becoming “the Mrs. Field’s of Costa Rica” went out the window when I saw the cost of the items I needed to make the cookies.  I also made Chocolate Peanut Butter cups with the chips for my neighbors last week and they were a huge hit – it seems like you can’t easily get that particular candy here.

A guava is roughly $0.90.  A 400 gram bag of garbanzo beans is $1.40.

You always have to look at expiration dates because some of them have been well exceeded – it doesn’t seem like they have much turnover of certain products and they don’t often do inventory.   Which is probably why on any given day, they’re out of items.  I thought they didn’t carry sundried tomatoes but they do, just not always.  Even butter and wheat bread is sometimes not available.

Totally shocking was when I found Skippy at my dinky little market next to where I live.  Of course, it was the only jar and it cost $10, compared to $5 for Jif.

Only $10

And here are a few more photos…

Selection of cat food

Fruits, veggies and unrefrigerated eggs

A few more veggies

I really am trying to eat more locally but somehow I still leave the Automercado with $100 less in my bank account.  Even the little supermarket where these photos were taken averages me about $25.

Pura vida…Chrissy