All I want for Christmas…

I’ve found my dream “oven”.  Okay, so admittedly, it’s just slightly larger than my toaster oven but it’s closer to a real oven when compared to what I’m currently trying to use.  Here’s the problem – it’s at William Sonoma and while they do ship to Costa Rica, they don’t ship electrical items.  Oh, such a let down!  Here I was thinking all my cooking problems had been solved.  It would fit perfectly on my kitchen cart and it came with three different types of pans.  And there were additional accessories you could purchase as well, including a pizza stone…I’m so dying for stone bakeware.  Cookies taste so much better on stone baking pans.

My heart felt like it was breaking when I realized I couldn’t ship it.  We use 110 here so I don’t understand why electrical items can’t be shipped!

My other new problem is, just as I suspected, the poor quality pots and pans that I purchased when I moved in are already deteriorating.  Such a bummer.  And really, I’m not sure that cooking with the material peeling off and getting into my food is really all that safe.

Fortunately, pots and pans can be shipped here and so once I have a little more money, I’ll look into purchasing a set.  The shipping/customs fees, I know, will be expensive but probably less expensive than the possible effects from the potential carcinogens I’m currently exposing myself to with the peeling pans.

Pura vida…Chrissy