Quality Assurance

I’ve always purchased first quality products.  I don’t use generic prescriptions, brand name only.  I never went to secondhand stores except to drop off items that I no longer needed.

But here, it’s like I have no choice but to purchase poor quality items like the pots and pans I mentioned in the last post.  I purchased a standing fan and while it has decent size blades, unless you’re standing 6″ in front of it, you can’t feel any of the air it’s pushing out.  It’s like I’m just wasting electricity using it and collecting dust.  But you can’t return it to the store – they won’t take it back.

I’ve now had four different people tell me that you should never buy anything in Costa Rica – that it’s all defective, secondhand items from China.  Seriously, four different people have told me the same thing!  Everything here is just like used rubbish.  But it looks brand new – it comes in a box and doesn’t seem like anyone else has used it.  And it’s not like I’m buying cheap stuff in terms of cost – everything is twice as expensive as what I’d pay in the States! I don’t know…do we just get all the lesser quality items from China that won’t pass QA inspections in the US?

Understanding now that the return policy in Costa Rica is that there isn’t one, I think I’ll either wait and buy things from the States or have friends bring them to me when they visit.

Pura vida…Chrissy