Adrenaline Rush

Between the puddle jumpers, horseback riding and ziplining, I had a week of fun-filled adventures in Santa Teresa.

First there was the little plane (AKA puddle jumper).  I love them as you get to fly low which is great for taking photos.  Admittedly, the first time in 2009, both me and my traveling partner were a little nervous, but once we were up in the air, turbulence free, I knew everything would be okay.  I’ve now been on over 20 flights and each one has been just as easy as the first.  Thus far, my favorite airport to fly into and out of is Tambor (see video below to learn why!).  And my new goal is to fly into every airport that the two domestic airlines fly to in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua…I’m about halfway to reaching the goal right now!

On my second day at Latitude 10, Maricela (one of the hotel’s team members), her seven-year old daughter and I went horseback riding.  I grew up around horses but the last time I was on one was about 12 years ago in Mexico.  No matter what they say, it is not just like riding a bike.  It wasn’t so much that I was afraid, it was just an issue of letting go of control (which is so difficult for me to do).  And of course, I got the crazy horse, Pedro, who did whatever he wanted.  He’d stop when he wanted to, trot when he wanted to, eat when he wanted to…He also didn’t seem to like some of the steep, rocky terrain we had to descend to get through the jungle and to the beach.  Although he loved the river as I’m sure it helped him cool off.

The next day, Pablo (another hotel team member) and I went on the Sun Trails Canopy Tour.  If you’ve read my book, you know that I’m terrified of heights.  So careening down a cable a few hundred feet above the ground made me just slightly panic stricken.  This wasn’t my first time ziplining but it’s still scary. Two girls who were staying nearby and going through a month long yoga teacher training joined us but somehow I was nominated to go first.  I would say that for the first three cables, my legs wouldn’t stop shaking and I could feel my heart pounding like it wanted to pop out of my chest.  At one point, Pablo asked me, “did you see the river?”.  I told him no, I was really just trying to look ahead and remember everything I was supposed to do – feet crossed, knees up, face forward, brake 20 feet before the next platform, don’t brake beforehand (or you’ll end up in the middle of the cable, have to spin around and pull yourself to the next platform with your arms).  He told me I needed to look down and experience the beautiful view.  I really just wanted to make sure I made it to the next platform.

But eventually the fear subsided and I did have the opportunity to check out the awesome view.  From some of the cables, we could see the Golfo Nicoya and below us was a massive canopy of trees.  About halfway through, we removed our helmets and gear and hiked down to a waterfall that was refreshing….It was also nice to feel my feet on solid ground again.  The last cable of the morning was the longest – 300 meters long or almost 1,000 feet.

We drove through a few rivers both to get to the horses and to the canopy tour which, as long as I’m not driving, is always exhilarating as well.

Just like with surfing last year, sometimes you have to let go of control, although I’m learning that after being on a horse and dangling from a cable, I really do prefer to have my feet on solid ground.

Enjoy the video and the slideshow…

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Pura vida…Chrissy