My Costa Rican Easy Bake Oven

Yucca chips

So I’ve gone from having a tiny oven (which my Tica friends told me was actually large for Costa Rican standards) to a toaster oven.  I still can’t believe I’m trying to cook with a toaster oven.  And the stovetop was recently referred to by one of my neighbors as one that “you’d find in a winnebago”.

In the little oven at the old house, things seemed to cook differently… but it wasn’t like I was at a different elevation than I was in California and it was gas which I’ve cooked with in the past and not had any issues.  I’ve also got a temperature converter on my phone so that’s not a problem.  But nothing seemed to cook correctly and I was always have to make adjustments.

Now, in the toaster oven, I’m still faced with food cooking unevenly and everything taking so much longer since I can only do small batches.  It took me several hours to make cookies for my neighbors a few weeks ago and I can only make one pita at a time.  I’m also finding that having to leave the toaster oven on for so long really heats up my house, which considering it’s already 80 degrees inside, I don’t really need to make that worse by running the toaster oven for hours on end.

I like to cook and I’m a good cook (ask any of my neighbors!)…but I have to figure out a way to get some type of small oven in this house without breaking the bank.  I’m still hoping to find a convection oven like the one in the post a few weeks ago.  After all, I’m losing out on tanning time at the beach when I’m stuck indoors in front of a toaster oven all day! : )

Enjoy the slideshow…(and can you tell that I LOVE mango?)

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Pura vida…Chrissy