Winter in Costa Rica

The rainy season finally started here in Guanacaste around the 8th of October (note: I still refuse to wear anything but sandals, hence the sign above – it is ALWAYS flip flop season here!).  It rained for about 2 days and then stopped.  And then it rained again on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  I heard there was a total rainfall of 4.5 inches on Wednesday morning – that was when I was driving home from Nosara, hence using the word “torrential” was not an exaggeration in Wednesday’s post!  Compare that to someone who lives in the Palm Springs, California area in which 5 inches is the average amount of rain they get in an entire year!

And in the weeks leading up to that first real rain, the weather was a hot topic.  Mainly because it was hot and sunny…with no rain.  Those who have lived here for a long time told me this is the dryest winter season they’ve seen in years.  They tell me I’m fortunate to have this experience because normally it’s nonstop rain for several weeks at a time (weeks, not days!).  But they also tell me that it’s not a good sign – we need the water.  You’d think being a tropical country, we’d have an endless supply of water all the time but that’s just not the case.  You can tell when we’re having problems because the pressure coming out of the faucets diminishes drastically and I’ve been told that sometimes there just isn’t any at all.

While not located below the equator, the seasons here in Costa Rica tend to follow the Southern Hemisphere patterns; although they only have two, not four.  Winter is from May – October and Summer is from November – April.  From 08-11, I made an annual trip every May.  It’s just at the start of winter, the trees are all getting their leaves back and they are bursting with colorful flowers.

I recommend planning your visit during the green season.  It’s so beautiful and yes, while it does rain, the rain is refreshing, warm and tends to cool everything off.  Plus, it often only rains in the late afternoon and evening.  And while it’s winter here, it’s still 90+ degrees on many days (here in Langosta) and a little bit of tropical rain is a welcome retreat from the heat.  There’s also less tourists, it’s generally less expensive and like I mentioned, everything is so beautiful.

I love that it’s winter and 90 degrees with 65% humidity.  I know that may sound crazy to many of you.  But after seven cold, dry winters in Northern California, I’ll take 90 degrees and humid any day.  Plus, I know summertime will be hot and dry(er) so I’m enjoying the moist heat while it lasts.

And today…I woke up to blue skies and sunshine.  Although I anticipate rain later.

Pura vida…Chrissy

2 thoughts on “Winter in Costa Rica

  1. I live in Guanacaste too, in Tamarindo. And you’re right, it certainly is dry here most of the time. But when it rains, it sure does rain. We had some street flooding during some recent afternoon downpours but it dissipated a couple of hours later.

    This is actually the rainiest time of year here, locals tell me. Maybe that’s why all the tourists are gone. Like you said, it’s an ideal time to visit.

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