If it smells like a lemon and looks like a lemon…

Then it must be a lemon!  Right?

For a very brief moment, I thought I had found a lemon.  Walking on Playa Guiones last week, my friend and I came upon a very yellow, lemon-like, fruit.  It looked like a lemon, it smelled like a lemon…but I would come to find out later that it was not a lemon.  But for that moment, it was like I had found a lemon mirage in a world of limes.

It’s another type of lime.  There are many types of limes in Costa Rica and I just have to wonder…of the 4 or 5 lime varieties that they grow here…why can’t they just grow one lemon variety? A nice Meyer lemon would be so great.  This one here looked like a Meyer lemon and my friend and I thought maybe it had fallen off someone’s tree and into the river, eventually making its way to shore. I was so ready to take it home, cut it open and plant the seeds!

But no, it was a lime that tricks people into believing it’s a yellow lemon.

I recently had lunch with a Lebanese Jamaican (really, quite funny to hear him speak, especially when he’d end the sentence with the typical Jamaican “mon”).  He had a Lebanese restaurant in town for many years and since Lebanese food uses a lot of lemons, I asked him how he handled the “no yellow limon” situation here.  He told me to just continue using lime juice but less than the recipe calls for, as they tend to be stronger.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board…

Pura vida…Chrissy