Commercial & News Free Living

Not having a TV has been so very nice.  The house came with a TV but I gave it to the owner to put into storage.  He wanted me to keep the TV and continue paying the cable bill, saying that there was a disconnection fee, but why would I pay for a service that I’m not going to use!

Every once in awhile, I log into my VPN (Virtual Private Network) and it gives me a US computer address so I can sidestep international law and watch a few shows on the major networks.  And one thing I’ve come to realize is it really is nice not having any access to the news and commercials, especially now with the election fast approaching.

No longer am I inundated with tragic and horrible stories that they plaster all over the daily news. I don’t have to bring the negativity into my life from the horrible political campaign ads. Except for things that get posted on Facebook by friends (which I generally ignore), I’m not being force-fed commercials in which politicians bad mouth each other.

The only major piece of news that I knew about was a few months ago when Paul Watson, the Captain of the Sea Shepherd, was being detained in Germany with a possible extradition to Costa Rica.  The only reason I knew that is because I monitor the Visit Costa Rica Facebook page and the story had dominated the page for so many weeks that hardly anyone else was posting anything that I could respond to for my personal and hotel pages.

Oh, and of course, there’s the “news” that I get from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart…which really doesn’t count.

Other than that, I only know what I see before me.  And it’s honestly kind of nice.

Pura vida…Chrissy