The Beach Dog Cafe and Lola’s Avellanas

In 2007, I visited a small restaurant near the beach in Guiones and had one of the best smoothies of my life.  I had just returned from a very rainy walk on the beach with my boss and another friend.  We all decided to get smoothies and I chose one that had oatmeal.  Smoothies generally don’t stick in my memory very often but this one in particular, I have never forgotten.  It was that good.

I returned there last month for lunch with friends and found out it had changed owners a few years ago and is now The Beach Dog Cafe.  But the food was still exceptional. This time, I tried the portobello mushroom sandwich.  Everything in it was perfection – the veggies, the bread, the fries.  It is so difficult to find good bread here and fresh tasting ingredients.  While they offer meat options at the Cafe, they also have an entire page just for us vegetarians.

Also a few weeks ago, I visited Lola’s in Avellanas, about 20 minutes from where I live (depending on road conditions).  On earthquake day, I had met the owners of Lola’s and we visited their Norte property in Playa Danta.

The original Lola’s (which opened about 15 years ago) and the more recently opened Lola’s Norte have very similar setups.  Both are located right on the beach with these cool tables and chairs which are situated under almendra, palm and other tropical trees.

In Avellanas, I ordered a veggie burger.  Again, everything was cooked to perfection.  While I highly recommend trying out the typical Soda’s in Costa Rica (as I wrote in my last post), living here now, it’s nice to find restaurants that offer a variety of quality vegetarian options.  There is only so much gallo pinto that I can eat.

Pura vida…Chrissy

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