Staying Connected

Two friends who don’t know each other posting at the same time from the same event.

Facebook is really an amazing invention.  I spend almost my entire day on it as it’s what I do for work but while most of the time, I’m on special pages that I’ve created so I only see my clients’ posts, I do occasionally go to the main page to see what is happening in the world with my friends.

Some people, I haven’t seen or talked with in years while others I just talked to this morning.  But either way, it doesn’t matter, because Facebook has allowed us to become one large community of friends.  We support each other during rough times, we laugh with each other when something funny happens and we watch and share the joy of life unfold before us.

Every day, I’m  able to see life’s tragedies and triumphs – a friend got a kidney transplant after more than 18 months of waiting, another friend lost her husband in a tragic car accident, another friend’s husband returned after a long trip away, a friend got her Visa to live in Australia, another friend struggles to find his dream job in Brasil, other friends have lost their jobs and struggle to find work, children are born, people get married…then divorced, people buy houses and lose their houses.

There are ups and downs and through it all, we find ourselves connected through our commonalities and learn more about each other and ourselves through our differences.  It’s a way to stay connected and support each other when we’re all so far apart.

I use Facebook for business and to have meaningful relationships with the people I love.  Every one of my friends, I either have a personal or business relationship with.  And each one is meaningful to me.  It’s a big world and with so many friends in different time zones, it’s the perfect way for me to stay connected.

Pura vida…Chrissy