Living Consciously in Costa Rica

A recent comment on my blog prompted me to think about how I’m living my life here and my desire to always be a positive expression of love, peace and joy for myself and others. It’s been difficult for me to try to blend my former blog ( and this one.  Sometimes, I will write about connections and sustainable living but I haven’t been able to find a way to mix the crazy/funny stories of my life here on the Rich Coast with my daily conscious living choices.

So the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  And first, I decided to make a list with two columns.  One to acknowledge what I was doing right in my efforts to live consciously here and the other to recognize what could be improved upon.

Positive Expressions Needs Improvement
No car I have shipped a lot of products from the States here
I don’t use the air conditioning in my home.  Fans and fresh air only Food choices – a lot of what I eat is not grown locally
Preparing and sharing healthy, vegetarian meals with friends Since the move, started eating eggs and cheese again
Supporting locals: restaurants and artisans Finding other ways to give back to the local community
Using my hemp napkins for water glasses (since the cold water melts all over the place) People should buy stock in paper towels as I’ve gone through more   rolls in 6 months than I did in a few years of living in California
Saved a garrobo from drowning in the pool A lot of ants have died on my watch (hence the extreme paper towel   usage)
Only doing large loads of laundry so as to not waste electricity and water Having to wash clothes more often, even when they haven’t been worn   because everything gets a funky smell here from the humidity
Buying local, organic, shade grown coffee Not being able to find much organic produce
Sharing the beauty of Costa Rica/Nicaragua with others through photos and writing Not being able to really spend time on my personal projects, writing   and sorting through the hundreds of photos I take each month
Paying an above average wage to my housekeeper Getting back on the yoga mat

Food showed up a lot in the Improvement list so I’m making that my first change.  I’ve pulled out a book I brought with me, “A Vegan Taste of Central America“ and have started to write down and purchase the ingredients for the recipes I want to make.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress I make and other stories of intentional living in the coming months.  For now, my question to you is, what improvements can you make (or have you already made) to your own life to live more intentionally?

Pura vida…Chrissy

3 thoughts on “Living Consciously in Costa Rica

  1. Hi Chrissy,
    I love your list. As for me and what we do intentionally at my monkey house in NC… we try to fix broken stuff instead of buying new, and we buy used stuff instead of new. We also make presents when we can, instead of manufactured.

    Ooooh, I have an idea for you on your funky humidity/clothes problem: Could you put 2 tbsp of baking soda in your wash, and then keep a box of open baking soda in your closet? (Works same way it absorbs smells in fridge.) It may help absorb extra poofyness smell and reduce the amount of washings. Just a thought.

    • I love your intentional living choices! And thank you so much on the baking soda idea – I’ll definitely try that! I’m actually writing a post right now about how everything breaks here – I haven’t figured out a solution on how to get things repaired though. There’s a clothes store in town that makes clothes but they just decided to no longer repair them. But I’m sure I can find someone who can fix all the clothes that are breaking from my washing machine!

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