Hydroponic gardens – my new happy place

My first visit to a hydroponic garden was in October at Harmony Hotel.  They’re just beginning a project of growing veggies and herbs in this type of controlled conditions.  I still don’t fully understand how hydroponics work but just being around that much green made me go to my happy place.  A place where, someday, I hope will become a reality here in Langosta.  I just can’t find good greens and definitely not organic ones.  Santa Teresa, several hours south of me, has an organic veggie/fruit distributor that sells it by the box (like a weekly CSA) and I so hope that one will someday open here where I live.

While at Arenas del Mar, their sustainability coordinator and I drove out to one of the communities they are working with – they’re bringing aid to the local school and also helping the farmers and local people create a coop.  One particular farmer took us on a tour of his farm and hydroponics garden.  I got to taste some of the delicious greens and fruits that were growing and of course I had to ask if they had any “limon amarillo” (yellow lemon) and he said “Yes, we do!”  But, as always, it turned out to be a mirage as it was limon dulce.  Which indeed is yellow but it’s sweet, not sour.

We (well, Piero and the farmer – I just took photos as I found it amusing) dug up a gigantic yuca root and tasted sugar straight from the cane.  I enjoyed a refreshing mandarin orange, grapefruit and cherry tomatoes right from the vine.  At the end of the tour, we drank freshly made guanabana juice.  Seeing projects like this really gives me hope that this type of farming will become mainstream and a larger variety of healthy, better quality veggies will be available throughout the country.

Oh…and one tip…don’t wear white sandals when traversing farms and muddy hillsides.  The funniest part was, I didn’t fall while hiking up and down the steep hills…instead I fell as we were walking to the car – a flat surface, albeit muddy.  Just my luck.

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Pura vida…Chrissy