One of the best days in 6 months: A visit to CATIE

DSC07533CATIE is a Center for Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education in Turrialba.  Their mission is to “Increase human well-being and reduce rural poverty through education, research and technical cooperation, promoting sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

In addition to being a world-renowned Center, it also offers tourists a botanical garden to explore and discover interesting and unique plants.  I stress the word unique because would you like to guess what we found here in this garden…something that doesn’t exist in all of Costa Rica…

A LEMON TREE.  Limon Messina to be exact.  Finally I had found an oasis of lemons rather than a mirage of limes.

It was pouring down rain by the time we got to the citrus trees but I didn’t care…just show me the lemon!  I bit into it and knew immediately…this was no lime pretending to be a lemon.  And the “icing”…there were seeds.  Seven of them.  CATIE also has a nursery but unfortunately, they didn’t have any of this particular species for sale. : (  So it would be up to me to care for these 7 seeds, return home and plant them, hoping they germinate.

The weirdest part of the garden?  The cocaine shrub that was planted in a large meadow of orange trees.

cocaine plant

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Pura vida…Chrissy

Note: While I am now paid and/or receive comped services at many of the places I visit, I will always offer my unbiased opinion to you, my readers. Fortunately, I almost always have experiences that exceed my expectations.