Never Again

Pura vidaNever again.  I said that a few times these last few months.  Never again will I take a bus.  Never again will I rappel down a waterfall.  Never again will I travel 32 days out of 51 or 21 out of 30.  But would I change anything?  No.  I’m glad I had all these experiences.  I just don’t plan on ever doing them again.  At least having tried them, I now have valid reasons for saying I won’t do them again.

Well, maybe I’d try waterfall rappelling again…at the start of the rainy season though – not at the end.

The two things I definitely won’t do again?  Take a bus or drive in San Jose.

Supposedly, the distance between Turrialba and Tamarindo is about 208 miles.  So, if you do the calculation, it should only take 3.5-4 hours to drive.  From door to door, it took us 12 hours.  12 hours.

We made one stop in San Ramon for maybe 45 minutes but that’s still over 11 hours to travel 208 miles.  We would have flown home from San Jose (which would have taken an hour) but by the time we could buy the tickets, the flight was sold out.  So other arrangements had to be made.

It started with the somewhat dirty bus from Turrialba to San Jose.  Never again will I take a bus.  It was crowded, somewhat smelly and very uncomfortable.  And, who knows when those fabric seats were last cleaned.  Then, we had to wait for the rental car to be dropped off at the bus terminal in San Jose.  From there, we drove 6 miles to Pavas airport to pick up Kevin’s surfboard from the airport, where it was being stored.  It took us 90 minutes to drive 6 miles.  90 minutes. 90!!!!

Thank god we had a GPS or we never would have made it out of San Jose.  2 kilometers before the airport, we finally saw a sign. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone drove around San Jose before GPS’s.  And of course the GPS is unreliable because it took us on several side streets that I don’t think were absolutely necessary.

The saving grace of the day was the sun – which finally came out when we got into Guanacaste.  It had rained every day in Turrialba and on and off for the most of trip so it was nice to know I was home, where the sun always shines.  And I was grateful to live in a town that has a lot more pedestrians and bicyclists than cars.


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