Costa Rica’s Christmas Winds

Several Tico’s and a few local residents have told me about the “Christmas winds” in Costa Rica.  The Tico’s say that when the winds start, it reminds them of their childhood and they knew that Christmas was approaching.  I started to notice them after I returned home from traveling, so right around Thanksgiving.

I suppose they’re like the Santa Ana winds in Southern California but the Santa Ana’s can come at any time from about October to January.  And they bring a warmer wind.  Costa’s Rica’s Christmas winds are fresh, cool breezes; nice considering summer is here and we have daily temperatures in the 90’s now with no rain and very few clouds.

I’m hoping the winds will continue through April considering how hot it gets and that perhaps they’re called the “Christmas winds” because they start just before the holiday season.

At one point, the winds got so strong they blew over my drying rack which landed on my coffee table which knocked over a glass of passionfruit juice and my coffee mug.  My neighbor walked by my apartment and said…“Mmmmm, smells good in your house!”  I wasn’t thrilled about having to clean up the mess and that yet another glass was broken (that makes 6 out of 8 now) but yeah, it did smell tropically nice.

The photo below really isn’t of the wind but just as a funny side note to this post…this tree was just planted in the dirt road near my house.  It’s funny because it’s literally in the road and cars have to drive into the other lane to drive around it!  Welcome to Costa Rica!

tree in the road

Pura vida…Chrissy