3 vets and 2 pharmacies later…

It appears that the medication my cat takes for his hyperthyroidism doesn’t exist in Costa Rica…anywhere in Costa Rica.  I don’t really understand – it’s a common medication given to people for the condition and Harmony just takes a smaller dose.  Fortunately, one of the vets had some donated medications from a vet in Mountain View, California and she gave me both bottles (for free).  One was expired and one is going to expire in February but it’ll do for now.  I just don’t understand how this medication doesn’t exist.

On the bright side, she told me she could get me better cat care products and gave me a website to check out.  I found Harmony’s old style of litter box, one with a hood (hooded litter boxes also do not exist in Costa Rica – again, ANYWHERE) and a more natural litter.  Still can’t find his old litter which was such a good product but again, the newer one is way better than the supermarket brand.

And much to my surprise, I received the items in less than a week.  Of course, they cost me more than twice what I’d pay in the States but it was like an early Christmas present for me…as I no longer have to sweep my floor daily, cleaning up all of the litter that Harmony would track through the house with his litter box that had no hood.

Not sure what we’ll do when we run out of medication but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Pura vida…Chrissy