Meet Harmony and Sam

Meet Harmony and Sam

Two of our Rich Coast Experience team members!  Okay, probably not the two you thought I was going to write about but aren’t they cute?  I’m still working on creative titles for my sales reps but for now, we’ve narrowed down the titles for these two cute guys and we need your help selecting!  Using the poll below, please vote by the 15th!!

The options in case you can’t read them in the poll are:

  • Chief Happiness Advocate (for Harmony, the California cat)
  • Chief Pura Vida Advocate (for Sam, the Costa Rica dog)
  • Chief Trouble Maker (Harmony)
  • Chief Problema-Tico (Sam)

Be sure to choose one option for each below and then click “vote” in order for it to be counted!

Pura vida…Chrissy

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