Spaces full of art and music make our world a place of expression

So I’ve started a Pinterest account.  I’ve been a hold out and I still don’t totally understand the point since most of the time, if I want to find something online, I just google it.  But for business reasons, it was a necessity.

One of the boards I created, I titled: Inspiration

Much of what I chose to put in there was about relaxing – you’ll see a lot of my legs in hammocks, sunrises and sunsets. After all, we must relax and rejuvenate ourselves to do great things.  We can’t expend all our energy, run on empty and still be inspired and inspiring.

But as I looked through my old blog posts of what’s inspired me over the last few years, I found other photos as well.  Those that relate to art and music, creativity and other forms of inspiration.  The photo above was taken in Turrialba, Costa Rica and its message is so important, especially as the US continues to remove funding for the arts from its schools.

I hope you’ll follow along with my “pins” and if something inspires you, I hope you’ll repin it and share with others!

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