Highlights of a great week on the Rich Coast

photoWhat a great week it was!!  I met with new clients, had a breakfast meeting at Sueño del Mar, took a catamaran sunset tour on the Blue Dolphin, did a day of shooting friends on their dirt bikes and surfing and found yellow lemons at the Automercado!  I think the latter was probably the highlight – even cooler than seeing the puffer fish floating around the deep blue sea.

Once again, not sure if the “yellow lemons” were real or fake, I sliced one open and bit into it.  Oh yes, it’s definitely a limon amarillo.  A real one.  Sour, juicy and so so good in the hummus I made yesterday!  This coming week, I’ll start scouring my recipes for everything I wanted to make the last 8 months but couldn’t because of a lack of yellow lemons.

I’ll probably also make another trip back to the market to stock up on more of them.  There’s only 5 in the container and I’ll easily go through those this week.  It doesn’t really matter that they cost $5+ (for 6) or that the taxi will charge me $15-20.  We have found yellow lemons people!!  Do you have any idea what that means for me?  I’m beginning to think that Santa Claus might just exist.

This coming week will be a good one too – I’ll be getting a package from the US.  I have a client there now and so I shipped one of my friends completely random things (but important to me) for him to drop off at my client’s hotel. I know when he gets the box, he’s probably going to think I’m crazy for shipping sponges but I have a very small kitchen so I need to consolidate in order to create more space – and therefore, I need a sponge that has the soap inside it (an item which cannot be found here in Costa Rica).

And then there are Harmony’s “pill pocket treats” – the best invention ever for having to give an animal medicine.  I almost had my client bring back spinach seeds for me but decided that it was probably not good business practice to have him get caught in customs.  I’m pretty sure you can’t bring any food items into the country.

Enjoy the slideshow…and don’t forget to vote for your favorite title for Harmony and Sam!  Only 2 days left!

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Pura vida…Chrissy

Note: While I am now paid and/or receive comped services at many of the places I visit, I will always offer my unbiased opinion to you, my readers. Fortunately, I almost always have experiences that exceed my expectations.