Cooking Woes in Costa Rica

One final post on cooking here in Costa Rica and then we’ll return to fun adventures…

  • Chickpea flour
  • Maca
  • Goji berries
  • Cashews
  • Agave Syrup
  • Coconut oil
  • Graham crackers

These are just some of my cooking challenges.  I find all these great, healthy vegan, and often times gluten-free recipes but can’t actually make any of them because of a lack of ingredients available at the stores here in Tamarindo (and probably also throughout most of Costa Rica).  I wanted to make chickpea flatbread with rosemary.  I figured – I have chickpeas, I have rosemary – so what could be the problem?  Oh yes, I need a coffee or spice grinder to make the chickpea flour because I can’t buy it here.  I might be able to find a coffee grinder…somewhere.  But “where” is the keyword.

And yes, even cashews are on that list of unattainable items.  It seems crazy to me that I can’t find them and I sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind as I’m searching through the walnuts, pecans and almonds on the grocery store shelves.  I mean really – how do cashews not exist here?  I’ve always wanted to make cashew cheese and once again, I now have the time but not the ingredient. *Sigh*

Do you know I can’t even buy coconut oil at Automercado?  It doesn’t exist!!  I’m sure it’s all being exported to the US but still, can’t we have a few bottles here?  So many of my recipes call for it and it’s just crazy that in a country that produces massive amounts of coconuts, my only oil options are Canola, Olive and Crisco.  Every once in awhile, I can find sesame.

But…to find the limeade in the lime…I can buy contraband Cuban products here. : )

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