The Most Harmonious Hotel Ever

DSC06819This time our trip starts once again in Tamarindo, not really early in the morning but just enough to enjoy the heat of a beautiful sunny morning in November.  We rented a car to get there and it was a really nice drive along Guanacaste province.  It was my first time going to Guiones so I was really excited to get there and see how the beach looked because I was told by a lot of my friends that it has a perfect beach break along the whole beach, so there I was…getting mentally prepared for all those nice and beautiful waves I was going to catch.  The travel time was not that long coming from Tamarindo to Guiones and once you arrive at the dirt road you can definitely feel that you getting closer to the beach – that’s the way it is around all of Costa Rica.  So finally we arrived at the Harmony Hotel and the first person we saw was our friend Norberth who we met just a week ago at our trip to Jicaro.  He had been there on vacation as well with his siblings.  He welcomed us with a cold and much needed drink and a wet towel because it was really freaking hot out there!  It was the perfect way to cool off and start our day at the hotel.

We went straight to our room to change our clothes and wear something more comfortable for the beach.  My first impression of the room was just like wow… this is a really cool room with a small living room, an outdoor shower, a hammock and chairs on the outside patio just to relax and enjoy the peaceful harmony of the place.  After we settled into our room, we went straight to the beach to see what it looked like and check out the surf.  The beach is nice and really similar to what I’m used to seeing around Tamarindo because of course they are close to each other.  But the big difference of course is that Tamarindo is pretty developed and Guiones is still really quiet like it used to be in Tamarindo maybe 8 or 10 years ago.

Harmony palm

The development really makes a huge difference in infrastructure.  At nighttime, in Guiones, there’s no streetlights anywhere so you have to walk in the the dark to go from one place to another – I recommend always carrying a flashlight with you or you’re gonna be totally walking blind in the darkness even with the moonlight.  We went to have dinner out of the hotel with some friends, and we were lucky that they had flashlights or it would have been impossible to find the way to the restaurant because I just couldn’t see anything at all and I kind of got lost so I just followed the people that were walking in front of me.  Looking back now, it’s really funny as I wouldn’t be able to tell which way we took that night because it was so dark all the way to the restaurant.  But at the same time it was a nice and new adventure – living these moments in the way that you are just not used to.

So going back to my main important thing to do here: the surfing.  The waves were not really amazing for those days because the swells weren’t hitting pretty much in the whole north pacific shore, so even though I caught some nice rides, they weren’t too big and not really strong but enough to have a good time and enjoy the water.

I cannot wait to go back there now that the season for waves is totally better, and it will be perfect to have this awesome combination of great surf, pleasant service and delicious food and drinks that I can’t wait to try again like the veggie sushi rolls, the gallo pinto in the morning and the sandwich from the Harmony Juice Bar made with goat cheese, tomato salsa, avocado, greens and honey.  I just remember how delicious it was, eating it combined with the tamarindo, lime and ginger juice that they prepare in the restaurant’s bar. So I’m anxiously waiting for the next opportunity to go back to the most harmonious hotel ever!

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