Traveling Around Peninsula de Osa: Part 2

Adventures on the Osa Peninsula continued…


The next day we went to Puerto Jimenez to do a tour of a sanctuary but first we went on a boat to look for dolphins in the peninsula.  We only could see one dolphin so that was a little bit sad because we had hoped to see more but you know…mother nature does not always do what you want it to do!  So anyway we enjoyed it because for me it’s always fun to be in the water on a speed boat or any kind of a boat!  After we searched for dolphins, they took us to the sanctuary to see the animals that they take care of there.  We arrived at the beach and met our guide and the founder of the sanctuary, Ms. Carol.  She was a really special lady that loves immensely all the animals.  They have  several different animals there…we first saw macaws that are not able to fly anymore, then a spider monkey call Sweetie who is the most friendly monkey in the world – she is always asking people to scratch her and she shows you where she wants to be scratched!  I never saw anything like that in my life, it was such a funny scene.  We also saw Kinkajous, a toromuco (sort of like a weasel) and some wild pigs.

Then we went to see the white face monkeys.  One of them looked a little crazy, kept rocking back and forth like something was wrong but it’s because of all the suffering caused by humans who held her in captivity in a box.  Next, we fed the sloths with some veggies and puppy chow – what they really love to eat.  It was one of my best experiences hanging out with animals.  They also have a lot of other different animals but the visitors who go to the Sanctuary are not allowed to see them in their cages because they want to keep them as wild as they can be so they cannot interact with humans.  Only the first ones that I wrote about can be around visitors because they cannot be released back into the wild again.  This is because they have various issues with them like diseases or having been held or born in captivity and  that makes it impossible for them live on their own and survive.  That’s why they are cared for at the sanctuary and Ms. Carol educates the public about why it’s so important to leave wild animals wild.

The next morning was horseback riding and we went to a place called Finca Bijagual to take the tour.  We started the tour by riding through the farm and alongside the mountain so it was like the real jungle we were passing by, eventually arriving at a virgin beach, where we saw a lot macaws on the trees.  We stopped at some natural tide pools on the rocks and rested for a little while.  It was really fun and wild to go horseback riding there.  I always love riding horses, anytime I can, it brings me so much joy.


So what I can say in general about my visit to Lapa Rios is that it is just phenomenal being there and to be able to see all these kinds of animals around and do all these tours without having to go far away.  The hotel is excellent quality and same for the people who work there.  The food you can get there is amazing, they have the most delicious desserts, all kinds of meats, ceviche cocktails, and a really tasty meal with gallo pinto, cheese, eggs, and whatever else you want –  the most typical breakfast in the area. What an amazing week it was at Lapa Rios…all of the awesome things we saw and did. Experiences that I never had before and look forward to having again.

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