An Update on the Lemon Tree(s)

So backing up the story to when I found the lemon seeds in late November…

I had pretty much given up on my little lemon seeds.  I googled how long it would take to germinate and everything I read said 7-10 days.  I was caring for it every day, making sure it had enough water and even talking to it – telling it how much I wanted the seeds to grow (really, it was borderline begging)!  I fertilized it with my coffee grounds (I read that those made a good fertilizer and it’s better than putting it down the drain).  But two weeks in, there was still no sign of any green sprouts.

Then, on Day 21, I looked inside the pot and much to my surprise, there were two little green stems popping out of the dark soil.  I was so excited!  When Kevin showed up that morning to work, I told him, Tengo buenas noticias!!! (which of course he had to correct my pronunciation of noticias). And I dragged him over to the window to see my two little sprouts.  He was just as amazed as I was!

lemon tree sprouts

And since then, another two have sprung up out of the soil!

Lemon trees at 2.5 months plus a red pepper plant (in front)

Lemon trees at 2.5 months plus a red pepper plant (in front)

Of course, now it’s time to practice patience.  I’ve read it could be years before I see any actual lemons produced.  But that doesn’t matter.  Just knowing that I’ve got at least four lemon trees growing in a country where they don’t exist makes me so so happy!

Pura vida…Chrissy