Summertime in Costa Rica

Tamarindo Sunset

Tamarindo Sunset

Well, we’re about halfway through summer here and the wind is still blowing, thankfully.  They died down for a few days last week and I have to admit it was quite hot.  But even with the average daily temperature being 90-95 degrees, I still haven’t had to use the air conditioner.   I’m told my house stays cooler because the building is made of concrete.  It could also be that I have never turned off the fan upstairs and the fan downstairs is on during the day.  But still, the temperature is comfortable inside the house and I’m grateful for the cool breeze.

Walking on the dirt road has become more challenging since they didn’t spray the molasses everywhere and the dust really kicks up a storm when a car drives by.  I don’t know which is worse – the mud that you can easily slip on in winter or the dust that gets into my eyes in summer, even though I’m always wearing sunglasses.  Also, if there’s no wind, you can really feel the heat from the sun…yes, I do miss having a car with air conditioning.  And it doesn’t help that most of my walks into town lately have been around 11 or 12, right when the sun is blazing hot.

But then I take a photo like the one above and remember how grateful I am to be here now.  Harmony, on the other hand, is not so grateful.  Most days, I find him upstairs on the bathroom tile floor.  I’m sure if he could speak, he’d tell me to turn on the air conditioning.

Pura vida…Chrissy