Flying Manta Rays, Photogenic Fish and Cold, Cold Water

DSC08288One of my clients is Blue Dolphin Sailing and over the last few weeks, I’ve made several trips out on the catamaran to work with the team and take photos for marketing the tour.  And while I may have mentioned in my last post that the average daily temperature lately has been in the 90’s, the water temperature has actually taken a huge drop.  I don’t understand why, since you’d think the hot sun would heat up the water.  Normally the temperature is about 84 degrees, but on Wednesday and Saturday’s tours, Surfline was reporting 79.8 and while that doesn’t seem like a large drop in temperature, trust me, when you get in the water, it’s cold.

But Wednesday’s temperature was a lot colder than Saturday’s, almost icy in certain areas (and no, I’m not exaggerating).  My mask kept getting fogged up, I’m assuming from the difference in water and air temperature.  And I swear, if I could have breathed out under water, you would have seen my breath.  It really was that cold.

But being on the water is such a nice way to escape reality and with so much work on my plate these last few months, I’ve really enjoyed my time away from land and my home office.  Wednesday’s tour was the first time I had seen marine life in the water (not including the fish you see while snorkeling).  We saw dolphins, a huge turtle and flying manta rays.  None of which I got photos of.  And while snorkeling that day, a huge manta ray swam right below me.  It was wild.  I never realized how big they are!  And so graceful as they glide through the water.

Saturday’s tour had a lot more fish being seen in the water as well as a great display of flying manta rays both on the way out to the snorkeling site as well as at sunset.  The photos of the ray resting on the sand were taken by Jonathan (one of the crew members).  I gave him my camera…might as well let the professionals handle the up-close shots of large wildlife.

Enjoy the slideshow…

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Pura vida…Chrissy