Everything breaks, corrodes and falls apart

I’m not exaggerating with the title of this post.  I know I’ve already complained about the quality of products but here’s a list of what has broken, corroded or fallen apart so far:

  • Dishes and glassware, pitchers
  • Fan
  • The kitchen faucet
  • The showerhead
  • The washing machine has eaten several articles of clothing, towels and sheets/pillowcases
  • iPhone screen protector
  • Laptop bag strap
  • Two backpacks – the straps broke on one and the other had a zipper that broke
  • Corroding pots and pans
  • Bodum French Press
  • Blender
  • Clothes drying rack
  • The new blender that I bought to replace the other blender

I’m sure there are more and I just can’t remember what they are anymore.

So not all of these products were poorly made.  I’m living in such a small space now that often times, I will drop a glass (or my housekeeper will drop a glass) or dish or hit the pitcher into the side of the sink so it now has a large crack in it.  I had 8 brand new glasses when I moved here – I now have 0.  My former housekeeper broke my new Bodum but fortunately, Macy’s shipped me out a new one.  And never again will I leave the Bodum for my housekeeper to clean because it was simply an issue of her not understanding how to clean it properly.

As for the blender, I have about 1 sq foot of counter space in my kitchen and the cord was sitting next to the electric stove.  It burned a piece of it and then a day later, I put it on the drying rack and it fell off and shattered on the floor.  I miss having a dishwasher and a double, normal sized kitchen sink.

Then, just this week, the new blender that I bought 3 months ago to replace the old blender broke.  I turned it on and it started to smoke and the motor was totally burned out.

The kitchen sink faucet and showerhead break because the water is so hard here and it corrodes the metal.  Fortunately, that’s not my responsibility to maintain.

The real bummer has been the clothing that I’ve lost to the washing machine (and can’t replace until someone visits) and the laptop bag strap.  The latter broke the morning I was leaving on the 16 day trip in November.  And so I had to carry the laptop under my arm along with my backpack (whose straps also broke half way through that trip) and my luggage.  I had a really great brand new laptop bag that actually fit two laptops and an iPad but the people who broke into my house in August have that now.  Or their drug dealer has it.  I’m sure they were all disappointed to only find a laptop AC adaptor inside.

And probably my main concern is the corroding pots and pans.  I don’t have the money to purchase quality pots and pans but then again, I don’t have any health insurance and who knows what type of cancer causing agents I’m consuming every time I cook food in them.

Since most of the things that break here can’t be replaced, I’ve gotten really good at duct taping and super gluing things back together whenever possible.  Even some of my clothes have duct tape and super glue holding them together.  I tried to duct tape the laptop strap but it seems like it doesn’t work for everything.

Pura vida…Chrissy